Running a business out of your home can be challenging, but there are also so many benefits that money can’t buy.  For us, quitting my full time job out of the house did make sense financially.  After taking the cost of preschool, daycare, gas, and eating out into account, the stress of getting ready to leave the house and making sure everyone got where they needed to be on time was no longer worth it.  Being a daycare provider is not easy, but there are some perks for sure!  Scroll down to find out what they are!

10 Benefits of Being a Daycare Provider

10 Perks of Being a Daycare Provider

1. I get to spend the day with my kids.  I get to know exactly what my kids are doing all day long.  I get to raise them my way.

I get to be there for every milestone, every proud moment, and every boo-boo that needs a kiss.  I get to be a stay-at-home-mom.

2. I get to raise other people’s kids.  I have this intense passion to raise kind, responsible, happy, healthy people.

I have always felt that my calling is not to do something HUGE for God or people by what I do, but who I raise.  Like I’ve been called to literally create disciples, instead of convert disciples.

And so many children have crappy home lives.  If I can provide a healthy, creative, respectful environment, I want it to influence as many kids as possible.

3. I get to work from home.  Not that housework gets done very often during daycare time – in fact, I think the kids make up for it with new dishes and messes even when I do manage to get a load of laundry done.

What I love about working from home, is just that it’s my home.  I am a total homebody.  I feel comfortable here.  I can be myself here.  I can relax (sometimes) here.  There’s no place I’d rather be than home.

4. I’m the boss.  Sometimes being the boss has it’s negatives, but most days it’s pretty cool to be the boss.  I set my own hours.  I pick my own clients.  I make the rules.  I choose my space and how I use my time.  All 55+ hours a week of my time…

5. I can wear yoga pants to work.  Need I say more?

6. Bragging rights.  I’m basically a superhero.  I’m honestly proud to tell people I have my own daycare.  There are so many responsibilities that go with being a business owner, and every mother can relate to the stresses of raising children.

I have my bad days, of course, but I work my butt off for this and am proud to admit that to anyone.

7. Children bring me joy.  I’m not exaggerating.

Shortly before I opened my daycare, I did this journaling thing where I recorded each day how happy I was before I went to bed.  The days I had my nieces and nephews to visit, planned activities, and interacted with them, I went to bed the most joyful.  Decision made.

Nothing speaks to me as loudly as watching a child’s brain at work.

8. I am multiple roles in one.  I am a boo-boo kisser.  I am a cuddler.  I am a cook.  I am a maid.  I am a teacher.  I am a coat zipper.  I am a diaper changer.  Basically, I never get bored.

9. My kids benefit.  Many people focus on the fact that their kids have to share Mommy when they have a home daycare.  I would rather focus on the positive side of this – my kids learn to share Mommy and toys during daycare, and they get to play with friends, and receive the financial benefits.

We have been blessed that because of my husband’s work and our financial choices early on in our marriage, I could quit working if I chose.  However, my work has allowed us to afford more opportunities for ourselves and our kids.

10. I get to expand my family.  My daycare started with my nieces, who would loudly proclaim, “This isn’t daycare!  This is Shannon’s house!”  This has been my motto ever since.  I really believe that home daycare is a fantastic opportunity to gain more “nieces” and “nephews.”

My daycare kids are not clients – they are family.  They even call my father-in-law Papa!  I love that I have become so close to the moms and kids I have right now.  We confide in each other and the children get treated like my own.

What is your favorite thing about being a daycare provider?  Comment below and share it with me!