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How to Teach Preschool (As An Exhausted Daycare Provider)

Do you worry you’re not doing enough “teaching” in your family daycare?  If you're an exhausted home daycare provider, trying to teach preschool like a child care center is an overwhelming idea.   So ...
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Awesome Preschool Dinosaur Activities That You Need to See

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool

Preschool Dinosaur Activities My son looooooves dinosaurs right now.  Have you ever heard a three year old say, "Pachyrhinosaurus"?  Yes, it's adorable.  And no, I had no idea that was ...
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Bright "Book Return" Sign for your daycare classroom or preschool library area.

You will Love This Sign For Your Preschool Library [Free Download]

Is your daycare or preschool library area always a mess?  Mine is!  A lot goes on here during the day.  Who has time make sure the kids always put their books away nicely?!  But ...
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