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How to Make a Daycare Schedule that Works - and a Free Template!

How to Make a Daycare Schedule that Works [Free Template]

If you've worked with kids, you know that a routine is a must!  If you work with the food program, you need to stick to set times for meals.  And ...
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free preschool morning work reusable daily practice worksheet

FREE Preschool Worksheet You Will Use All the Time!

You already know that your preschoolers learn best when they play. But it's also important to prepare the kids for the stamina and skills they'll be expected to use in kindergarten.  That's why I made this free preschool worksheet - it ...
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this is Why healthy eating needs taught in preschool

This Is Why Healthy Eating Needs Taught in Preschool

More and more kids today are climbing the charts to obesity.  And the truth is, weight concerns aren't about looks.  They're about health.  Being overweight really raises the risk of all kinds of ...
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