After a week of passing a virus around, we’re finally back on track. This week is the start of our Letter of the Week curriculum. Today we learned about alligators!

These Animal Friend posters are from A Beka Book.  There is text on the back to correspond with each poster.

We learned about how alligators live in swamps! And since I was in a good mood, I decided I’d let them get a little messy and came up with a swamp sensory bin.

They played in here for probably close to an hour! The little guy told me he was done, but when I tried to clean up he changed his mind and went back to work for another little while.

Sensory bins are such awesome opportunities for kids to explore scientific principles!

(In case you thought I actually was a super mom-teacher-wife, here’s the evidence that my two year old rarely changes out of pajamas and undies and I don’t make him)

For this bin, I started with a box of brownie mix! Then I added some water, plastic frogs and lizards, rocks, and a Little People alligator we happened to have. I have an assortment of measuring cups and garden tools from the dollar store that we always have for our sensory bins, and my son, of course, added a skid loader.

The kids were also in a cutting and pasting mood this morning, so I let them try out some worksheets I was working on for later in the week.

We got to practice our scissor skills and using school glue, since all of our glue sticks pretty much needed tossed.

The little one got tired of cutting, so I helped him finish and he got to glue. The numbers in the squares helped them put the stars in order.

I love activities that double up on learning areas!

You can get this FREE worksheet and two other fine motor and numbers worksheets  here.  They are space themed to go with our A is for Astronaut lesson later in the week.



I love sensory bins, but I don’t always love cleaning them up!  This one actually wasn’t too bad, a quick wipe with the floor steamer and rinsing off some toys.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite sensory bin material is!