This was B week for us. Today we learned about buses and boats!

We started with Morning Meeting and reviewed our letter name and sound we had learned earlier in the week. Then we read about Buses and Boats from our A Beka Book curriculum and talked about the discussion questions.

We don’t have the workbooks that go with our Language Development Posters, so I whipped out a few worksheets of my own!


I asked the kids to point out the boats on the paper.


Then circle and count them.  I helped them write a “2” in the box at the bottom of the paper and their names at the top.


The next worksheet was a prewriting activity. We used our fingers to trace the ship’s path.


Then markers!

The boys never seem to be as interested in papers as the girls. The boys like to be hand-on!

So I made a simple sensory bin to go with our lesson.

Just a boat from our bath toys, some rocks, and dollar store plastic fish. The boat is pretty awesome though – it can hold and pour water and is great for washing little heads in the tub!  You can get it from Amazon:

My girlie has been really into worksheets lately, so we kept going while the boys played. We also did a bus name activity from

And glued paper onto large letters A and B.

These are from my TpT product Large Letter Mats. They are fantastic for last minute busy work!

We also played with some puzzles from my TpT store to review body parts and animal babies and get that science lesson in there.


Remember, teaching doesn’t have to be formal! In fact, the whole premise with the popular Montessori theory of learning is to follow the child. Meet them where they’re at and interested in, watch them play and jump in there with an undercover lesson hidden in the play. Let them discover the shape of a letter or location of a body part through pictures and interactions – not lectures! (Can you tell I’ve been on a Montessori kick lately?)

I also spent too much time fighting with my printer and on Amazon picking out a new one! Here’s what I chose since I’ve been reading so many good things about the HP Instant Ink program. I go through a ton of ink – and I’m conscientious about using color to begin with. I’m so excited! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime 😄

And here’s your free printable I promised! Click the worksheets to print or download.


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Have a great week!


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