4 Simple Tips That Will Help You Balance Your Teacher Life

We all know that life is crazy and at times gets even crazier!  Most teachers and daycare providers are alike in that they work a crazy number of hours…the work is just never done!  That’s because it’s part of who we are.  But it’s still important to find time for caring for ourselves, our families, and our homes.  Keep reading for 4 easy rules that will keep a healthy balance between work and life.

How to Balance Your Life When You Are a Crazy Daycare Provider

Rule #1: Make a List

Self-help books always say to make a list.  Or, at least the one I read do.  But that’s because it’s effective!  Making a literal list on a post-it allows you to visually organize your tasks.  Plus, it’s rewarding to cross them off!

Write down the tasks you want to accomplish.  Make a short term (daily) list and a long term list.  You can even balance your list with work and life goals, or make two separate lists.

Rule #2: Prioritize

You can’t do it all.  It’s a fact, so just give it up now before you go insane.  Trust me, I’m the Super Teacher because I so want to be super at everything!!!  But, I’ve tried, and let me tell you: you just can’t do it all. 

So, sometimes you have to give a little in one area so that you have time and energy for another.  For example, we rarely have folded laundry.  But I cook from scratch 90% of our meals, I work out, our home is clean, and I spend time with friends.  Those things are more important to me than making sure our clothes are always put away.

For me, folding and putting away the laundry is always at the bottom of my to-do list.  If it happens, great.  But I focus on the other things first.

Balance your life by making sure to do the important stuff first, then weeding out the unnecessary tasks.

What are your priorities?

Rule #3: Get Up Early

You’re probably cringing right now.  But, getting up early has a few benefits.

  1. No one else is up, in your way, or distracting you
  2. It’s quiet.  When was the last time you remember quiet?
  3. Your self-discipline is strongest in the morning
  4. It sets a tone and gets you mentally prepared for your day
  5. You get to drink your coffee before anyone bothers you!

For example, I get most of my TpT products created in the early morning when my house is asleep and no one can interrupt me.  I take my time drinking my coffee, praying, making my to-do list, and get mentally prepared for the day.

Getting up before my family definitely helps me balance my life better.  Give it a try!

Rule #4: Make Time for Yourself

Please don’t forget to relax!

Taking time to do something that makes you happy, just for that purpose, is important.  Don’t overlook it!  Take time for yourself every day.  You’ll accomplish more if you are relaxed, calm, and focused.  

Remember: it’s all about balance.