Your Preschool Needs This Fun Letter Game [FREE Download]

You probably already know that kids who can tell the beginning sounds each letter makes are better prepared for school and go on to be more efficient readers.  So I made this game so we can have easy and fun phonics practice in my own preschool program!

FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW!FREE Download! Your Preschool Needs This Fun Letter Game

Letter Matching Game

As I mentioned, I made this game for my own class because we talk about the letter sounds, but some of my preschoolers just need something more.  Alphabet activities are the perfect way to get everyone actively learning.

Benefits of this letter game:

  • fun and challenging, which engages students
  • uses pictures to reach visual learners
  • uses independent practice to reach the kinesthetic learners

Because I’ve studied and worked with kids, I know that they learn differently from others.  I also know that the most effective way to teach preschoolers is through the context of play!

Your Preschool Needs This Fun Letter Game [FREE Download]
Easily store this phonics game in a pencil bag!

Modify This Phonics Activity for Your Students

  • Mark the right letter to the back side of the game card so students can check their answers
  • Supply only a few cards at a time to make the game a little simpler
  • Cut out the game board and it fits right into a pencil bag for easy storage!
  • Laminate for durability


Here’s what’s included:

And here’s a closer look at the game board:

FREE Download! Your Preschool Needs This Fun Letter Game

Easy Prep

Just cut apart all of the letter and clip art cards and you’re good to go!

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    Hi Shannon. I loved your blog. It will definitely be useful for many people like me.
    I am not able to find the downloadable link for this particular letter sounds activity. Can you help me with the same?

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      There is a pink button that says “Get Your Free Download Now” that you can click on, then enter your email address to have it emailed to you. It’s showing up on my computer, but if you can’t see it maybe you have blocker on your browser that’s preventing it from showing up? A couple weeks ago there was an issue with the plugin, but it seems like it’s working okay right now. Please let me know if you can get it! It looks like it’s working okay on my end.

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