Boo-boos will for sure happen at daycare and at school.  My state requires that a home daycare like mine have a fully stocked first aid kit on site in case of injury.  Here’s a simple list of supplies for you to keep in your first aid kit.  Read below for a boo-boo shopping list and to download a free Boo-Boo Report!

boo-boo report

How to Make a First Aid Kit

Before I go too much into detail, I’ll be upfront here and admit I bought a ready-to-go first aid kit to keep on hand.  Then, I added a couple more items to it that my state requires.  This was cheaper for me, but you can figure it out both ways if you like!  Here’s the must-haves for a well stocked first aid kit.

  • Soap (I have a cheap bar of soap in mine)
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Tweezers
  • Medical tape
  • Scissors
  • Disposable gloves

There you go!  Nothing too out of the ordinary.  I also keep a tube of antibacterial cream and peroxide near my first aid kit.  Remember to keep the kit out of reach of children, because there are items contained inside the kit that could be dangerous to children.

I also definitely recommend getting Pediatric First Aid and CPR certified if you aren’t already!  It could save a life.

Boo-Boo Report

My state representative told me in my orientation training that if a child leaves your care with a mark they didn’t come in with, it needs recorded.  This is to save your butt!  It also, of course, is practical.  Most parents want to know why their kid develops a bruise on their head the evening after being at your home.  Make it easy on yourself and print off a few of these boo-boo reports to have handy when your little buggers get those scrapes and bruises.  Send a copy home with mom or dad, and keep a copy in your child’s file, as well.

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boo-boo report




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