Have you heard about brag tags?  I see them all over Pinterest!  At first, I didn’t think they would work for me.  But then I was intrigued, and decided to give them a try.  Keep reading to see how we use our Brag Tags in my preschool class!

How to Use Brag Tags in Preschool Without Losing Your MindHow to Use Brag Tags in Preschool Without Losing Your Mind

Brag tags look like a pretty awesome idea.  Simple, effective, and cheap classroom management?  No more prize box or behavior chart?  AND I get to obsess about cute and colorful images?  Sounds too good to be true.

So I decided to give it a try.  Here’s how we do our brag tags:

Use a Book, Not a Necklace

Going into this, I was too lazy experienced to attempt necklaces in Preschool.  I just saw this as being a big issue.  When they could and couldn’t wear them. Tags getting ripped.  Necklaces being misplaced, mixed up, getting messy, etc.

Basically, I didn’t want to police them about their brag tags all day.  Not to mention that the chain necklaces I see most teachers using are choking hazards for the toddlers at my daycare.  So I needed another solution.

Here’s what I came up with: a Tag Book.  Well, maybe I didn’t come up with it.  I’m sure other teachers use books for their tags, too.  But I did make a cute cover!  You can download the cover page at the end of the post.

Set Some Rules

I decided to use a composition book, because the pages are harder to bend or tear out.  Also, my kids are only allowed to view their books during nap time.  This serves 2 purposes:

#1 Their books aren’t out getting bent, ripped, and misplaced all day.

#2 Nap time becomes a special time to review our tags instead of a negative “dang it I have to lay down and be quiet” time.

Pass Out Tags Immediately

Preschoolers don’t have the memory or attention span that older kids do.  Maybe in 4th grade you can pass out tags all at once at the end of the week to save time.  But that won’t cut it in preschool. These kids need the positive reinforcement as quickly as you can get around to it.

Free Downloads

How to Use Brag Tags in Preschool Without Losing Your Mind

I’ve included 2 images, one a boy and one a girl.  The pictures fit a composition book but will work on a spiral notebook, or as a full sheet of paper too if you want to make your own book.  Each cover has a line for a name, and simply says “My Tag Book.”  I didn’t want to call them Brag Tags, because I know some teachers (me included) don’t like the term “brag.”

Just download, print, and glue onto your book fronts! By the way, here’s a post if you want to know how I print so much color and actually save money!


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How to Use Brag Tags in Preschool Without Losing Your Mind