Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Do your students know the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods?  Scroll down for a free download that will help you easily teach healthy and not healthy! Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD] Why Teach Healthy and Unhealthy Foods in Preschool I am amazed by preschoolers who do not…

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How to Easily Teach Kitchen Safety in Preschool

One of our daily topics this week was Kitchen Safety.  Since I always try to create my plans around my state’s learning standards, I started searching for a relevant standard to tie in to our lesson.  Fortunately, kitchen safety fits right in to PA’s Early Learning Standards. By the end of…

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How to Get Rid Of Classroom Wiggles

Winter takes a toll on all of us.  Winter breaks and snow days mess up our learning schedules, less hours of daylight affects our circadian rhythms and makes us more prone to depression, and less time playing outside makes children more fidgety. Here’s a great way to get some of…

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