Excellent early childhood programs always seem to have bright classrooms filled with color.  All of the teachers I know are always on the hunt for affordable options to upgrade their classroom.  We also like to fulfill our must-buy-all-the-educational-resources-compulsion.  If you want some quality, super affordable classroom decor that not only brightens your room but teaches a valuable concept at the same time, keep on reading!



My Classroom

I love that at our new home I have an entire room to devote to daycare.  A separate space allows me to be creative and expressive with my teaching and decor  Plus, I get to keep the rest of my home reserved for our family and friends.  This is a huge difference from classroom decor hanging all over the house.  We also always used our dining room table (keep in mind we had no eat-in kitchen) for both daycare and family dinners.  I am LOVING the separate space (pictures to come soon)!

I chose to keep the paint color in the daycare room neutral and I’m so glad I did.  The color flows well with the rest of the house.  Posters and toy bins provide that pop of color I love.

A few of my posters I bought from Dollar Tree, and I recently purchased some number charts from TpT, as well.  However, I really wanted something to help my students with their colors, too.  I envisioned something large enough everyone could see during Morning Meeting.  A new project seemed to be in order!  So I opened up my laptop and got down to business.

Hanging My Posters

First thing’s first: gotta get that printer going!  This was the hardest part for me – I ran out of ink and had to wait on my Amazon Prime to get me more before I could finish my project!

Finally, I got them printed.  Then I went ahead and laminated for durability.  Am I the only one that gets an odd satisfaction from watching my shiny new posters come out of the laminator? 😀

Then I got to hang them up! And I absolutely adore them. I can’t wait until Labor Day is past and we can jump in full force!

You can get your own copy of my color charts or the coordinating coloring pages from my TpT store by clicking the images below.

 coloring pages

What are you most excited about in your classroom this year?  Comment below!