Yay for back to school!  I waited until after Labor Day to start my curriculum this time.  With a family wedding I was photographing (and my kids were both in! Yikes!), I just wasn’t prepared for school yet.  And I’m still getting everything daycare settled with the move.  In fact, I have a voicemail from yesterday getting on me about some paperwork I need to do…

This first week we’re talking about colors.  I hung up my Color Anchor Charts in our Morning Meeting area, and I love how excited the kids get when we review everything together.  Even my 2 year old loves to shout the color names and count with us. 🙂


We read the lesson from my plan book and looked around the room for red and yellow objects, since that was the day’s colors.  Then I passed out their coloring sheets and gave them each a red crayon.  We talked about the different objects on the page and read the color name together.

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When they got tired of coloring, we practiced sorting by color with small blocks.


The boys definitely preferred playing with blocks to coloring!  And even though my son doesn’t always name his colors correctly the first time, he did great with the sorting activity.

That was about as long as their attention spans lasted for the day, so I made sure to inquire about the colors of EVERYTHING throughout the day.  So much of learning occurs informally, we need to be conscious of the way we talk to youngsters to encourage the learning process!


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