Even as adults, informational text can be difficult to digest and sometimes we struggle to stay focused on the topic.  Finding a topic interesting to a whole class of young students can also be a challenge!  Thankfully, this Community Helpers bundle has everything you need to make that informational text a little more interesting, inspirational, and easy to understand for your students.

community helpers

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Community Helpers Bundle

Reading Posters

This learning bundle features 12 common community helpers.  One file is colored posters with an image of one community helper in uniform, and a paragraph introducing the character.  The text on the page describe’s the helper’s work, uniform, and training.  The text on these pages is simple enough for beginning readers to read independently.  Click on a poster to make it larger.

The reading posters also come in black and white, just in case you don’t want to use up all your colored ink!  They also make great coloring pages for students.

I laminated these reading posters and keep them in our classroom library.

community helpers

Discussion Questions

Each community helper poster has coordinating discussion questions for you to go over as a group.  Some questions come from the text and test comprehension; some questions ask students to think more deeply and form opinions.  Click on a worksheet below to see it larger.

Writing Response Worksheets

Each community helper page also has a coordinating reflective writing worksheet.  The worksheet has the beginning of a sentence (a writing prompt) and plenty of space for students to finish with their own words.  Space is also included for a picture that demonstrates with the sentence.

Word Wall Words

This bundle also includes word wall words.  These wall words feature a picture of the community helper, as well as their written name.  Two versions of wall words are included.  One version prints 6 to a sheet.  The other version fits 3 to a sheet and the helper’s name is written on print lines.

Community Helpers Book

The same text from the posters is used in this half page create-a-book.  Your students will love coloring, binding, and reading their very own book about community helpers!


Most importantly, this bundle covers a multitude of ELA standards!  Check it out!

Download Your Bundle!

You can get all of these printables from my TpT Store by clicking here or on the image below!

community helpers