Hello, Friday!


Friday sounds like a great day for a freebie!  This week in our preschool lessons, we learned about Day and Night.  Below is a freebie pack I made for reference for my preschool munchkins.  As you can see, it’s super simple for the little ones.  We talked about what we have seen in the sky at both day and night.  We talked about things we like to do during the day and night.  We looked out the window and named the objects we could see in the sky.



We reviewed the first page every day, and on Friday, we used the second page as a cut and paste to sort the objects in the day and night skies.  We used construction paper and each student cut and glued their own copy of the activity, but we have also done similar activities as a group project.

This is a fantastic resource to display on your daycare walls!  Parents and anyone who might come check out your daycare space (especially DHS and ERS inspectors) love to see that you are: 1. teaching the kids something 2. displaying their own work.  Recognizing objects in the day and night skies is a PreK standard in PA, and displaying children’s work helps them build confidence and pride in their abilities.  Plus, they’ll be likely to visit their work often and review the concept of day and night!

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to grab this freebie right now!  Make sure you also follow my store while you’re there. 🙂

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I spread this theme over the course of the week for us.  We reviewed the poster each day and used some additional activities I found on Pinterest to fill in our science block the other days.  Check out my PreK Science Board for some of the ideas!


Let me know how your kids like this activity and if you’d like to see more like it!


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