6 Purchases For Baby That Will Save Your Sanity

A crying baby makes me want to break down and cry, too.  And caring for a daycare baby is totally different than caring for your own infant.  Here’s what I’ve learned about keeping a baby happy in a family day care.

6 Purchases For Baby That Will Save Your Sanity


6 Things for Keeping Your Daycare Baby Insanely Happy

This is my list of items I consider necessary for daycare babies.  Having an infant of your own is way different than having a baby in daycare and having 5 other kids around.  I will never take a daycare baby without having these items again.

All of these products I own and use myself for my daycare babies.  Some items I’ve kept from my own kids.  A few things I gave away thinking I could do without, then repurchased for my current daycare baby!

So, learn from my experience and make sure you have these 6 things in your home.  I currently have an infant that is about 6 months.  He’s been here since he was 2 months old, so I have very recent experience with these products!

Hopefully, this list will save you from some large purchases you may be able to do without.  And hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake and keep these things in storage for your next daycare baby too!

1. Swing

You won’t regret buying a swing. I know, I know.  “Some babies don’t like a swing.”  Well, every one I have met loves to be swayed in my arms.  And sometimes, when you do daycare, your arms get busy.  So you need a swing.

Here’s the one I have.  It was super easy to assemble. And it plugs in!!!! When my son was a baby our swing ran on batteries.  This is 100% better.

2. Pack and Play

As much as baby and I love the swing, it’s just not safe for him to sleep in.  The only place my state allows babies to sleep is a crib or pack and play.  Remember, always put an infant on their back to sleep.  And no toys or blankets until their first birthday!

Here’s the pack and play I have.  It’s great because it’s machine washable!

3. White Noise

White noise is something that helps to calm a lot of babies.  But in daycare, I think it’s even more necessary!  There’s always other kids making noise when baby is needing some quiet.  The white noise helps to drown that out.

I have a sound machine but it’s in my son’s room right now.  For this baby I downloaded a white noise track from iTunes that I loop on my iPad next to the pack and play.

My sound machine is discontinued, but this one has great reviews:

4. Bouncy Chair

My infant spends most of the time in my arms, the swing or pack and play.  But the bouncy chair is awesome because I can take it to the kitchen or anywhere else I need to be.  

I have this one (in an older pattern):

5. Bottle Warmer

Most infants prefer warm milk.  Yes, I know a lot of people do this in the microwave.  But it’s not safe because it causes hot spots in the milk.  Plus it destroys nutrients in breast milk.

I love my bottle warmer because it heats up quickly and is always a safe temperature.   This is the one I have:

6. Happiest Baby on the Block

This is the best baby book.  Seriously.  My son did not sleep through the night until close to a year so I read A LOT about infants.  I get stressed out trying to put babies on a schedule.  But by using the info from this book, I can keep them calm and get them to sleep better than anyone!

Check it out:

More Baby Purchases That Will Save Your Sanity

What would you add to this list?  Is there a product I didn’t mention that you are wondering if you will need?  Comment below!  I am here to help you, and learn from you too!  Share your experiences and ideas below.

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