Name recognition is an important preschool lesson!  Even young students can learn to recognize, spell, and write their names.  From speaking with kindergarten teachers I know that this is important to them, as well!  They wish every student would come to school knowing their names.  These simple stars can help with that!  Take a look.

FREE Editable Star Name TagsFREE Editable Star Name Tags

Ideas for Using Your Name Stars

At the last TpT sale, I purchased a Question of the Week bundle.  I was (and am!) so excited to use them!  But I needed some sort of name tag for the kids to move around.

These stars would also be great for a morning sign in.  So I also included Home and School labels for you to print out too!

I know some teachers like to use the child’s picture with their name.  And that’s of course helpful for a lot of students!  A picture may not fit on these stars though, so check out my other post here about making toy labels.  You can easily adapt that template to make name tags and use students’ photos.

However, I did not want to use my kids’ photos for their stars.  I want to challenge them to find their names without the help of their pictures.

How to Make Your Name Stars

These were so simple!  I seriously made them start to finish while my kids were napping.

  1. Edit PowerPoint with your students’ names
  2. Print
  3. Laminate
  4. Cut
  5. Glue on magnets

FREE Editable Name Stars

The template you’ll download is a PowerPoint document.  You can also open it in Keynote.

You can click the “Name” boxes and enter you students’ name into each star.  You can customize your font, too, and move it around a little if you need to.  I had to change font sizes and move the boxes a little for names that were longer than others.

You can download FREE teacher fonts here.  They are my favorite and I use them for all my products!

FREE Editable Name Stars

There are 2 pages of stars because I couldn’t decide which size I liked best!  I used the size with 12 to a sheet, but after I made them they felt small.  So I also included the page with larger stars so that you can decide which you want to use.

FREE Editable Name Stars

Here are labels for you if you want to use these stars as a sign in system.  For legal reasons, I would still recommend having parents sign students in and out every day.  But this is a great way to practice name recognition!

Some Tips for Prepping

First, if you’re concerned about using up so much colored ink, check out my post about How I Saved $224 On Printer Ink This Year.

Next, if you’re using magnets like I did, I really recommend using magnetic clips like these or these.  You can hot glue the stars onto them so you can’t even see the clip.  I’ve used the peel and stick ones that come in a roll and you cut to size, but to be honest, they suck.  They never stay flat, and they never stay stuck.

I’ve also these magnet discs and hot glued them on, but they tend to pop off if the kids try to grab the star and not the magnet itself.  And they’re choking hazards to littles!  So I only use these for magnets I’m not moving around constantly and that are out of reach of kids under 3.

Finally, I just wanted to recommend my laminator to you!

I always see teachers on my Facebook groups asking about which laminator to buy.  I went the cheap route and bought Amazon’s brand.  I’ve had it for a couple years now and it’s still working great!  No issues at all and it does exactly what I need it to.

And these are the laminating sheets I’ve always bought.  Again, they work great for me and no issues with them!  Cheap and reliable.

Also, I cut these apart first (I trimmed off the squiggly edge instead of cutting around it), laminated, then cut apart again.  But I recently learned that I don’t have to cut before I laminate! LOL!

Download Here

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FREE Editable Star Name Tags