You already know that your preschoolers learn best when they play. But it’s also important to prepare the kids for the stamina and skills they’ll be expected to use in kindergarten.  That’s why I made this free preschool worksheet – it is now super simple to work on our kindergarten readiness skills a little bit everyday!

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FREE Preschool Worksheet You Will Use All the Time!

Reusable Preschool Worksheet

Easy to Prep

First, print out a copy of the preschool morning work worksheet for every student in your class.  Then use a permanent marker to write your students’ names on the print lines.  Finally, laminate.

free preschool morning work reusable daily practice worksheet
I used a marker to write their names on their papers before I laminated. They trace my writing to learn to write their letters the right way.

Simple to Use

This worksheet is super simple because one page is all I felt I needed for my class.  You might want to find a desk chart you want to laminate to the reverse of this worksheet.  Here’s a great one you can get for free on TpT.

free preschool morning work reusable daily practice worksheet
These worksheets are just enough work for preschoolers to do in one sitting.

Easy to Customize

The boxes at the bottom of the preschool morning work page we used for writing our letter of the week.  These boxes are unlabeled so you can easily use them for something else.  For example, use them to practice whatever letter, number, or shape you may be talking about each day.


And that’s it!  These worksheets are easy for you and perfect for everyday practice of kindergarten readiness skills.  But they’re also simple enough to complete before preschoolers tend to lose focus.  Use them with washable markers and they will wipe right off!

Benefits of this Preschool Worksheet

  • Fine Motor Skills Practice
  • Name Recognition Practice
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Number Recognition Practice
  • Stamina Building
  • Practice Following Directions
  • Quick to Prep
  • Easy to Use on a Daily Basis
  • It’s FREE!  Need I say more?

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Featured Resource

You may also want to download my best-selling TpT resource, Fine Motor and Prewriting Tracing Printables – Letters, Shapes, and Mazes. This pack is filled with worksheets like this one that provides tons of NO PREP fine motor practice.

Preschool Prewriting Worksheets from The Super Teacher

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