Interactive notebook pages are often too complex for preschool – but not this one!  These pages are perfect for preschool skill sets.  Easily review the seasons and their characteristics with these fun cut and paste printables.

FREE Preschool Science Pages You Can Use All Year!

FREE Preschool Science Pages You Can Use All Year!

About This Preschool Notebook Freebie

No Prep Required

These four seasons interactive notebook pages are literally no prep.  Just print and hand them out!

Both of these pages are in color, so just be aware of this before printing. Black and white versions are included in the full resource you can get here.

The lines are all lined up, so it wouldn’t be hard to cut these pages with a paper cutter if you chose to cut them apart as a group.  But why not let the kiddos work on their scissor skills and save yourself some effort, too?

FREE Preschool Science Pages You Can Use All Year!

Combine fine motor skills, science, AND art!

Great for Fine Motor Skills

Your preschoolers will get to work on their fine motor skills with this art project!  If they’re anything like my students, they’ll love all the cutting and pasting.

The lines on these printables are super simple for preschool skill sets.  I’ve made some interactive notebook pages with the flaps and whatnot, but I’ve found that that’s just too complicated for my learners.  These worksheets they can complete independently.

→ Grab another free fine motor skills worksheet from me here!

FREE Preschool Science Pages You Can Use All Year!

You can use construction paper or a notebook.

Learn While Having Fun

While to the kids this is an art project, these notebook pages actually require some science knowledge!  Your students will review characteristics of all four seasons with these notebook pages.

We did these as a summer science review the other day.  Since it’s summer, we did the summer and winter page first.  Then the kids asked for more!  They definitely enjoyed completing these notebook pages.  Even the three year old, and even the boys!

FREE Preschool Science Pages You Can Use All Year!

Download These Free Science Notebook Pages

Go ahead and grab this freebie for your next lesson about seasons!  What’s great is that you can use these pages any time of year.

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  • Instantly Download Today
  • Save time – NO PREP
  • Effectively meet Preschool Science Standards
  • Teach Painlessly – Your Kids will LOVE creating and reviewing this fun notebook!
  • Use it all year
  • Color and black and white versions
  • 31 Total Different Pages!

I wish I had found this sooner! There are so many parts I could have used this year. Can’t wait for next. Kids love science!
Christina L.

Love, love, love this ! Helps with lesson differentiation ! Thank you.
Anne J.

Notebook Page Topics:
• Living Things – Nonliving Things
• Animals Need – Plants Need
• Animals Grow – Plants Grow
• Human Body Parts
• Animal Body Parts
• Plant Parts
• My Science Tools
• Comparing Animals
• My Family is the Same
• Animal Families
• Animals Change
• Solid – Liquid
• Large – Small
• Color Sort
• Shape Sort
• Matter Changes
• Everything is Made of Matter
• I Can Investigate Matter
• Fast – Slow
• Loud – Quiet
• Energy Comes From – Living Things Need Energy
• Water Has Many Uses
• Day Sky – Night Sky
• Aquatic Habitat – Terrestrial Habitat
• Natural Resources
• People Have Needs
• Safe – Unsafe
• Things I can Recycle
• Spring – Fall
• Summer- Winter
• Tools for the Garden – Things that Grow in the Garden


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