Free Weather Poster

I made this simple weather poster for my own classroom.  I don’t have a ton of pocket charts, or even the space for them.  We do our weather review with this poster!

free weather poster

I have this printed on a regular 8.5×11 page and laminated.  I usually hold it during morning meeting and go over each picture with the kids, asking them, “Is it _____?”  They definitely enjoy it!  I use a marker to circle the pictures that represent the day’s weather, and cross off the ones that don’t.  Then I color in the thermometer to represent the actual temperature.

My kids ask all the time to work on this independently, too.  They use a marker and a wet paper towel to color and erase the pictures on their own.

You can get this Free Weather Poster for Morning Meeting from my TpT Store!

free weather poster


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