Who doesn’t love a good freebie?

When I was creating some mini-lesson plans for this summer, I can across a standard that addressed differentiating between living and non-living things, as well as knowing that living things need air, water, and food to survive.  I wasn’t able to find exactly what I wanted to complete my lesson, so I made my own!

This packet is totally preschool friendly and can be no-prep or low-prep.  There’s also many ways to use it, and I’ve included a handy “Ideas for Use” for reference.  Our small group used it as a teamwork activity, and we made one large poster to hang in our classroom.

It comes with an ideas sheet and a reference poster for the students.


Then there’s two sheets full of pictures to sort with two headings: Living and Non-living.


The first thing I did was print!

The second step is to either cut out each rectangle or have the kids do it themselves.  The rectangles are all the same size so that using a paper cutter isn’t too difficult a chore. I chose to cut them out myself this time.

Now the kids can sort and glue!



We took turns drawing a rectangle and deciding if it was living or non-living, referring to the included reference poster each time. I let the kids apply the glue and stick their piece on the poster board themselves (notice the upside down ones from my two-year-old!)


The kids had fun and we learned a great deal about taking turns!  The repetition really helped to reinforce the concept of living and non-living.

We hung the poster in our classroom so we can see it all the time!  I laminated the reference sheet for the kids and hung it in our science corner.


Head on over to my TpT store to grab this freebie for yourself or click here!



My kids did well with this activity, but definitely have a lot to learn about working together.  What’s your favorite way to encourage sharing and taking turns?