Our letter last week was I.  Normally, we’d be a few letters ahead of this, but we were pretty laid back in December and got off course.  BUT, everyone’s happy and healthy and learning in less formal ways, so that’s what counts!  Even when we don’t follow our plan book, we’re always talking about relevant learning topics.

We used our Alphabet Coloring Pages (love these suckers) for painting this time.  Being stuck inside in this weather really gets them restless, and sensory or creative play helps to get some of that energy out.

My daycare kids are 3 and 4, and I have a small group right now so we’re pretty laid back about our learning.  I like to follow their lead – Montessori style! – and the boys don’t like to sit at the table for worksheets or activities so I try to incorporate more boy-ish activities.

We learned about I is for Israel and read about the culture of Jesus as a boy.  People in Israel built houses from mud bricks that had flat roofs with stairs leading to them.  They also kept pets in their home – sheep and donkeys!  To reinforce this idea, we used our building area to recreate a home from ancient Israel.

Even though they don’t hold the boys’ attention long, I do like to do a worksheet almost every day.  I like to get them used to what school will be like and also practice holding their writing utensils and following directions.  We go through these simple worksheets together and they can color them when we finish.  All of my kids know the counting sequence, but we need to work on our number recognition so I created this worksheet for focusing on number 7 this week.  You can download it and 2 similar worksheets here.

Our sensory play on Wednesday was cornstarch and water!  This didn’t relate to the letter I at all, but it was an activity they really enjoyed and not as hard to clean up as I expected. If you haven’t tried it, you should! Mixing 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water makes this really awesome goop that acts like both a solid and liquid. Our sensory tub is fantastic as well!  I got it from Amazon and it’s just the right size for us. You can get it here.


What are some of your favorite tricks and tips to get through the winter season indoors?  Comment below!

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