Do you do a transportation theme with your class? We do!  My kids LOVED these driver’s licenses!  They were a great way to practice writing and recognizing our names.  They wore them and talked about them all day!  Here’s how to make them for your class.

How to Make a Pretend Driver's LicenseHow to Make a Pretend Driver’s License

Step 1: Download

You can download the PDF with all the driver’s licenses here or in my Transportation Pack here.  They’re EDITABLE!  So you can fill in your students’ names and ages before printing.  I tried to choose a clipart kid that resembled each student in my class when I filled in their names.  There’s 16 different kids, so you should be able to find one that looks like each of your students, as well!

Step 2: Print

If you want to know my secret for saving money on ink and printing lots of color, read this post.

Step 3: Cut

I cut these apart myself with a paper cutter.  It hardly took any time at all!

Step 4: Students Write Their Names

I intentionally printed out their names with a font that shows letters the same way I teach my kids to write them.  So this way, they could look at their printed name to remember what each letter looks like and write their names independently.  We used pencils because I thought crayons and markers might require more space than we had on our licenses.

Some of the students needed help to write their names.  This is ok, it’s the beginning of preschool, after all!  We’ll get lots of practice writing our names as we do our daily morning work (freebie!).

Step 5: Laminate

I laminated the driver’s licenses after we wrote our names.  But you could also do it beforehand, and let the students use markers to practice writing their names.  Washable markers like these usually wipe off these laminating pouches pretty easily, with a dry erase eraser, baby wipes, or wet paper towels.

Step 6: Hole Punch and Tie Yarn

I used a single hole punch to put holes in the driver’s licenses.  And I literally used the first type of string I found in my junk drawer!

As I said, my kids LOVED these!  I think they enjoyed the personalization, and they definitely enjoyed being able to ride bikes all day because they now had a license. 🙂

Other Transportation Lessons

This week was all about transportation for us.  Here’s some more things we did to tie all of our subjects together.


We talked about fast and slow during science this week.  The kids practiced fast and slow with bikes, toy cars, and their bodies.  We also used the fast and slow page from my Preschool Science Notebook.

Preschool Science Interactive Notebook

Social Studies

We talked about Police Officers and how their job relates to transportation.  We used pages from my Community Helpers Pack to lead this discussion, and we played with our police officer puppet (these are the puppets we have).

Community Helper Pack

Preschool Transportation Theme Center Ideas

Preschool Transportation Center Ideas

Preschool Transportation Center Ideas

We used a variety of number and literacy centers that focused on transportation, too.  I put all these resources together into one Transportation Pack you can get in my TpT store.

Preschool Transportation Center Ideas 


Here’s What’s Included:
♥ 14 Wall Words
♥ 14 Tracing Word Strips
♥ 10 Count and Trace Number Strips
♥ 15 Pattern Strips – AB, ABA, ABC
♥ 8 Number Strip Puzzles
♥ 6 Activity Cards – Large and Small
♥ 16 Drivers Licenses – EDITABLE


Wall Words
♥ Each card features a clip art image and easy to read text. Included words: helicopter, truck, train, balloon, boat, bike, motorcycle, van, bus, car, rocket, scooter, plane, ship

Tracing Word Strips
♥ Each card features a clip art image and dotted text for tracing. Great for handwriting practice! Laminate to reuse. Included words: helicopter, truck, train, balloon, boat, bike, motorcycle, van, bus, car, rocket, scooter, plane, ship

Count and Trace Number Strips
♥ Each card features clip art images to count. Students can then trace the number. Laminate to reuse. Includes numbers 1-10.

Pattern Strips
♥ Each card features transportation clip art in an AB, ABA, or ABC pattern. Additional images are included to cut apart and use to complete the patterns. Use as a worksheet, or laminate for a math center.

Number Strip Puzzles
♥ 8 different transportation images are included. Each image is divided into 10 sections. Students can complete the puzzles by placing the numbered strips in order to assemble the image.

Activity Cards
♥ Each card features one transportation image, one activity, and one number and corresponding dice face. You can use the large printables for a group activity or the small printables for a center. Students will roll the dice, find the number card, and act out the activity.

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How to Make a Pretend Driver's License