Winter takes a toll on all of us.  Winter breaks and snow days mess up our learning schedules, less hours of daylight affects our circadian rhythms and makes us more prone to depression, and less time playing outside makes children more fidgety.

Here’s a great way to get some of that excess energy out during the winter months, or anytime for that matter!

These physical activity cards are great when you need a brain break!  The PDF includes 20 activities appropriate for kids as young as preschool, and they can all be done in a relatively tight area.

Since each card has a picture that goes with the text, you could use these cards as either a group or individual activity.  Sometimes we use all the cards, sometimes just a few.  The kids always love it!  You can get your Physical Activity Cards at my TpT store by clicking here or the image below.


What are some of your favorite ways to get the wiggles out?  Share below!


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