Preschool Dinosaur Activities

My son looooooves dinosaurs right now.  Have you ever heard a three year old say, “Pachyrhinosaurus”?  Yes, it’s adorable.  And no, I had no idea that was a dinosaur either.  But it is, I guess.

Anyway, my point is that I haven’t met a 2-5 year old boy that doesn’t like dinosaurs.  So I went on a dino spree the other day and made a day theme out of it.  Scroll on down to all of our fun activities!

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Awesome Preschool Dinosaur Activities That You Need to See

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Set Up

All I did was sprinkle some regular old cocoa powder in the bottom of our sensory bin (I totally recommend this one!  We have it and love it!). Then I added about a gallon of water, and a bunch of $1 dinosaur toys I got at Walmart a while ago.

I also added rocks I bought a while ago for sensory play…I think they came from the Dollar Tree?  And I have a cheap pack of measuring scoops that the kids are always allowed to use for sensory play.

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We used the sensory play as an opportunity to talk about and explore:

  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Solids and Liquids
  • Pouring (Fine Motor Skills)
  • Measuring



Preschool Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity

Preschool Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity

They seriously loved this dinosaur mud pit!

Preschool Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity

Yes, that is a repurposed laundry scoop!

Clean Up

Cleaning up the sensory play was not as hard as you might think!  Before they dug in, I put a towel underneath the bin to keep the mess down.  They also wiped off their hands and laid down toys on another towel.

First, I simply dumped out the cocoa water in the sink, sprayed the sensory tub down, and wiped it out.

Then I put the rest of the pieces in the dishwasher!  Thank you! to whomever first came up with the idea of using a laundry bag inside the dishwasher.  I put all the rocks in here.

The dinosaurs and scoops also went on the top rack.  The dishwasher did all the hard work for me (though my son was very worried about not having the dinosaurs for an hour while the dishwasher ran)!

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Preschool Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity

Squeaky clean dinosaurs!

Preschool Dinosaur Movies

Yes, I know that there is research about kids and tv.  But sometimes we have a movie day.

Here’s our two favorite dinosaur movies:

More Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Books

Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur book?! We have plenty around here! You can click here to search on Amazon and add some to your library now.

Preschool Dinosaur Books

Dinosaur Play-doh Footprints

Dinosaur Dough Footprints Preschool Activity

So, remember those dinosaurs from the sensory bin?  Before they got all muddy, we made some footprints in Play-doh!

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This was a fun, low mess activity that the kids really enjoyed.

It also gave us an opportunity to learn about:

  • Counting
  • Comparing Sizes
  • Colors
  • Sharing
  • Fine Motor Skills

Dinosaur Dough Footprints Preschool Activity

Even More Dinosaur Fun!

funny dinosaur worksheet

My daughter brought this home in her kindergarten folder. LOL!

Baby in dinosaur pajamas

Even the baby was rocking the dinosaurs today!

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Awesome Preschool Dinosaur Activities That You Need to See

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