Do your students know the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods?  Scroll down for a free download that will help you easily teach healthy and not healthy!

Healthy Foods Preschool PrintablesPreschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Why Teach Healthy and Unhealthy Foods in Preschool

I am amazed by preschoolers who do not realize that foods like cookies, chips, and candy are not good for their bodies!  But the truth is, they often aren’t learning this at home.

You can read more about why and how to make healthy kids in preschool in my post How to Make Healthy Kids [As a Preschool Teacher].

Healthy Foods Coloring Page

Healthy or Not Healthy Preschool Worksheet

Free Healthy Foods Worksheet for Preschool


This worksheet is a great review tool!  Students can cross out the unhealthy foods, and color in the healthy ones.

This worksheet is a FREE sample from my Healthy Foods Pack.


Healthy Foods Sorting Activity

This sorting activity was so easy and so great for team building!  All I had to do was print off these three pages and cut the squares apart.

Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD] 

To prep, I cut out all the images and scattered them on the table.

First, we reviewed what Healthy and Not Healthy mean.

Then, they took turns choosing a food picture.  They told the class what was on their square, and if the food was healthy or not.

Then they got to glue their picture onto the correct poster.

Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Working those fine motor skills!

Preschool Healthy Foods Worksheet [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Making our Healthy Foods poster.

Since I have some school kids for the summer, I also asked them about the food groups of their healthy foods.

We talked about why unhealthy foods aren’t healthy, and that they’re okay for sometimes as long as we don’t eat a lot of them.

My class really enjoyed this activity.  And we got to review a very important concept!  Click the button to get this activity for yourself!


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Healthy Foods Preschool Printables