Is your daycare or preschool library area always a mess?  Mine is!  Who has time make sure the kids always put their books away nicely?!  But I also hate it when books are laying all over and end up broken.  Scroll down to see what I did about it and get your free printable!

Bright "Book Return" Sign for your daycare classroom or preschool library area.

Free “Book Return Sign” For Your Daycare Preschool Library

So what’s my solution for a messy preschool library? A book return basket!

Yes, I’ll have to put the books away myself.  But at least I can choose when to do that.

And this way, my books are protected from little “helpers” who try to fit books on the shelves.

Maybe you have a quite a few students that are all 4-5 years old.  Your kids might be capable of returning books to their proper shelves on their own.

But with the younger kids I have, I’d rather put them away myself at the end of the day (or week, let’s be honest).

When I ask the kids to put their own books away, I find my our books bent or left around the room.

I don’t keep our books organized by topic, just size.  I also keep board books separate from paperbacks so they aren’t getting bent as much.

Free "Book Return Sign" For Your Daycare Preschool Library

When I started out, I quickly found that standing books on a shelf is not an option in daycare.  Rectangular bins from the dollar store work best for storing our books!

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Just click the image below to download your Free “Book Return” Sign for your classroom library!

Bright "Book Return" Sign for your daycare classroom or preschool library area.

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