This preschool science interactive notebook is one of my favorite resources!  I can literally use a page of it every week to review our science lesson from the week.  I LOVE it!  These science printables are easy enough for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  And it’s so versatile!  Check it out!

Preschool Science Interactive NotebookPreschool Science Interactive Notebook


Let me start by saying you can use this notebook a few different ways.  The pack comes with both color images, or black and white images that the students can color in themselves.

You can also let the students make a year-long notebook by adding their pages to a spiral notebook.  Or you can use construction paper and let them take home each page as they complete them.  It’s up to you!

Easy Enough for Preschool

Most interactive notebooks have fancy flaps and require writing.  That’s awesome and all, but just not practical for preschool and kindergarten!  Most of these guys are still learning how to use scissors and glue.

That’s what makes this notebook perfect for them.  All they have to do is cut and glue!  So they get great fine motor and scissor skill practice as they review their science concepts.  The simplicity of the construction lets them use their focus to sort the images instead of figuring out which lines they can or can’t cut (trust me, most of them WILL cut the wrong lines and those cool flip flaps won’t work anyway.)


I designed this notebook with my Early Learning Standards by my side.  Literally, on the table sofa next to my computer.  My goal was to have a resource that I can just print out each week and cover a new standard.

So that means that this resource can be used to meet 30 science standards!  Fantastic, right?!

See for Yourself

I printed off the notebook in color and assembled it together so you could have a look inside.  All of the included pages are in the photos below, so take a peek!  Click on any photo to make the gallery full screen.  The notebook label is also included in the file download.


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Love, love, love this ! Helps with lesson differentiation ! Thank you
Anne J.
I wish I had found this sooner! There are so many parts I could have used this year. Can’t wait for next. Kids love science!
Christina L.
This is awesome! I can’t wait to start using it this year! Thanks!


Get This Resource for Your Classroom

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preschool science interactive notebook