My Secret Weapon for Teaching Handwriting

Learning to print letters is a new focus in kindergarten.  For the first time, students are expected to recognize and write letters.  This is challenging for a lot of kids that are just even learning the letter names!  Keep reading for my insider secret to make print handwriting easy for your students.

Mnemonics for Print Letters

So you want to know my secret weapon for teaching proper handwriting?  Mnemonics.

Do you remember saying a little rhyme when you learned how to write in Kindergarten?  I do and was a little surprised to find that neither the preschool curriculum I was using or our Kindergarten homeschool books had any kind of memory device for learning to write!

So what’s a teacher to do?  Improvise and DIY, of course! 😉

And that’s how my Print Formation Mnemonic Posters were born.  They are by far one of my best seller on Teachers Pay Teachers.  And I love to use them as well!  Even in a preschool program where we focus more on strengthening fine motor skills in general, these are fantastic to help students learn to write their names. Then you can build upon that knowledge as they learn.

Handwriting: My Secret Weapon for Teaching Print Writing

Sample Mnemonics Poster

How to Make a Mnemonic Reference Book

How to Make a Mnemonic Reference Book

This $1 photo book was exactly what I was looking for to make a handy reference book!

So I found this photo book at Walmart that was perfect for my idea.  And it wasn’t even a whole dollar! 😍. I promptly came home and printed 4×6 versions of the cards for a perfect fit.

Here’s how to make a reference book:

  1. Print out 4×6 version of mnemonic cards
  2. Cut out cards
  3. Insert cards into photo booklet

How to Make a Mnemonic Reference Book

You can get this download from my TpT store.

Print Formation mnemonics posters and flashcards

FREE Preschool Worksheet

Here’s one of my top downloads!  Go grab a copy of this worksheet to practice printing names and fine motor skills now!

FREE Preschool Worksheet

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