As a teacher and business owner, I tend to print a lot.  My printer also doubles as my copy maker.  So I spend a lot on ink throughout the year!  Check out how I’m saving hundreds of dollars on ink this year, and how you can too.

How I Saved $224 On Printer Ink This Year

How I Saved $224 On Printer Ink This Year

The Old Way to Buy Ink

Last September, I hopped onto Amazon and set about ordering printer ink again.  Ugh.  As you know, ink is not cheap!

I added it up.  From February to September 2016, I spent $170 on replacement ink for my printer.  So, I figure that averages out to $24.29/month for ink.  Eeek!

The New Way to Buy Ink

So I started looking for a cheaper alternative for printing.  Here’s what I found: HP Instant Ink.

Basically, you buy a printer that is enabled for the HP Instant Ink program.  Then you give the printer your WiFi password.  And the printer magically sends you ink when it runs low!  For way less than the normal cost of ink!

From October 2016 to July 2017, I’ve only spent $56!  That’s $5.60/month!  So much better than the almost $25 I was used to spending!

AND I can print all I want in COLOR!!!  Because you pay for this program by the sheet – so it doesn’t matter how much ink is actually on each page.  Check out all these posters I just printed!  Psstt…all these posters were FREE on TpT.  Check out this post for a list!

How I Saved $224 On Printer Ink This Year

I can print so much COLOR now without worrying about the cost!

Printing Plan Options

How I Saved $224 On Printer Ink This Year

You can see that I subscribe to the “Moderate Printing” Plan. This has been sufficient for me, although this month I went over my 100 pages getting ready for back to school and working on some professional development stuff, too.

But the great part is, that they just add on another 20 pages for another $1 and I don’t have to do a thing.  They also roll over your pages if you don’t use them all the month before!  That’s pretty awesome to me.

Now, some of my first months were free because I used a referral link. You can get 1 month of FREE printing too by using my referral link HERE!

What Printer to Use

Not every HP printer is set up for Instant Ink.  I ordered a new one for this purpose, but as you can see, it has paid for itself!  Here is the printer I have now.

I love it!  Every month, I use it to scan in my invoices that I need to send to my county.   I can make quick copies with it too. And I can print from my iPhone!  So if I forget to print a sign in sheet for the new week, I can send it over real quick from my phone when my first kid gets here for the day.  Perfect!

Plus, it was super easy to install.  I had no trouble installing it on my MacBook or my husband’s PC and it didn’t require a disk or any downloads. I totally recommend it!

It’s also an energy saver, wireless, and prints on both sides of the paper without having to figure out how to reload it the right way!  I can’t say enough good things about this printer.   No issues so far!  It comes with a 1 year warranty too.

I bought mine from Amazon.  You can get it HERE!

And you can get 1 month of HP Instant Ink FREE by using my referral link HERE!

Do you use HP Instant Ink?  Comment below and share how much you’ve saved!