The Super Teacher

I have a feeling we’re going to get along.

This blog is for sharing my tips and insights about all of my roles in life.   I am constantly trying to grow and learn.   Teaching is part of my calling and I just love to share information with others that might help them out, too.  If you’re reading this, I’m sure we have a lot in common and are going to get along very well!

I share tips, insights, how-tos, printables, and freebies for other wives, mothers, Christians, business owners, and teachers.

My posts focus on information and downloads that I think would be helpful for others like me.  I know firsthand that running a family or a business is not easy work.  The things I share are meant to be inspirational and almost always include a download for you to use in your business or classroom.

About Me

photo of my family

At Home…

I am a wife. My husband and I are blessed to have been together since we were 14.  We got married when we were 20.  Marriage is everything I thought it would be.  I’m thankful to be on this journey with my best friend and I want to be the best I can be for him.

I am a mother.  Unlike my marriage, parenting is harder than I ever imagined.  I studied child development and behavior for years.  Practicing this information and controlling myself in the process is a totally different thing!  My child has a personality the polar opposite of mine.  I’m pretty sure God gave her to me to push me to expand my limits…and that she does!

I am a Christian.  Christianity was a big part of my life growing up.  My beliefs haven’t changed much over the years, but I have learned to study the Bible for myself now instead of believing everything I hear from other “Christians”.  I thank Jesus for dying on the cross and believe that He is the Son of God.  To me, being a Christian should influence how you live each day.  Because I’m a Christian, I try to do my best in everything.  I show love to my neighbors regardless of their beliefs or actions.  We give our time and resources to help others.  My belief is that my job is to be an example of God’s blessings and love.  I will not judge or shove my faith in your face. 

At Work…

I am a business owner.  When my daughter was 4 and my son was still an infant, I got the opportunity to become a stay at home mom.   This was so different when I was used working 40+ hours outside of the house, though!  I dreamed about starting a home daycare since I was a teenager, and the timing was perfect.  Daycare brings in extra income for my family so we can have more experiences together.  Working from home allows me to spend more time actively raising my kids.

I am a teacher.  Though I have never been employed by a school, I am a teacher at heart.  I do have a B.S. in Elementary Education.  In my home daycare, I teach preschool – mostly with resources I’ve created myself. Most of these resources are available on my blog or on  I teach letters and numbers because I have to.  I teach social-emotional skills because I want to influence lives.

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