Meet Me: The Super Teacher
The Super Teacher

Part of my calling is to be a teacher and I am constantly trying to grow and learn.  I just love to share information with others that might help them out, too.

Chances are, if you ended up at my blog, then we have a lot in common!

I share tips, insights, how-tos, printables, and freebies for other daycare owners and teachers.

My posts focus on information and downloads that I think would be helpful for others like me.  I know firsthand that being a teacher or running a business is not easy work.  The things I share are meant to be inspirational and many posts include a download for you to use in your business or classroom.

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Who am I?

At Work…

I am a business owner.  Daycare brings in extra income for my family so we can have more experiences together.  Plus, working from home allows me to spend more time actively raising my kids.

I am a teacher. I do have a B.S. in Elementary Education.  In my home daycare, I teach preschool – mostly with resources I’ve created myself. Most of these resources are available on my blog or on  

At Home…

I am a wife. Marriage is everything I thought it would be.  I’m so thankful to be on this journey with my best friend and I want to be the best I can be for him.

I am a mother.  Parenting is harder than I ever imagined.  Although I studied child development and behavior for years, practicing this information is a totally different thing!

I am a Christian.  My goal is to be an example of God’s blessings and love – NOT to judge or shove my beliefs in your face.


My Story

Are you wondering how I got started with daycare and preschool?  Well, here’s my story.

I got married young.

I fell in love with my husband when we were 16.  When we were 20 we got married and bought a house!  And I did my education courses online through Liberty University so that I could work full time while getting my degree.

Then we had a baby.

I always knew I wanted kids young, so we got pregnant shortly before I graduated college.  After maternity leave, I returned to my full time job selling furniture.  Since I was still trying to adjust to motherhood, I wasn’t actively looking for a new job in my field.

Then we got a big surprise.

Fast forward a couple months and my son is now 6 months old.  I just got to work one day and got a phone call that would change my life forever.

My sister-in-law had unexpected passed away in an accident.  And she left behind a 3 year old girl – suddenly an orphan.

So hubby and I decided to legally adopt my niece and give her the most “normal” life we could offer.

I Quit My Job

I went from no kids to 2 in 6 months time!  Since I was still working full time, I had to find care for my own kids.  Plus, my husband often worked out of town for a week at a time.

Then, out of nowhere, hubby got a raise.  And enough of one that I could financially afford to stay home with my kids!  I mean, for NO real reason at all.  The timing was so perfect (mid-mental-breakdown) that I know this was part of God’s plan for us.

Starting the Daycare

Now, I did stay home for a few months with just my own kids.  But I’m not the kind of person that can keep house all day.  Since I’d always dreamed of having my own daycare, I started the process.

So I know firsthand how frustrating getting a house and family ready for daycare!  And how difficult and ridiculous it can be to get the legalities and licensure done too!  AND we moved last year, so I had to do the whole process AGAIN!

Starting My Blog

I love to teach, I love to share, and I love to chat with people who do the same thing as me!  So this blog has become a means for me to share my daycare and preschool insights and resources with a larger community.

Please feel free to email me any time with specific questions, ideas, or just to chat!  Use the form here.

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