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My Simple Trick That Keeps My Classroom Library Organized [Free Download]

Is your daycare or preschool library area always a mess?  Mine is!  Who has time make sure the kids always put their books away nicely?!  But I also hate it when books are laying all over and end up broken.  Scroll down to see what I did about it and get your…

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Free Boo-Boo Report Sheet for Daycares and Teachers

Boo-boos will for sure happen at daycare and at school.  Here’s a simple list of supplies you should keep in your daycare first aid kit for those inevitable boo-boos.  Plus, download a free send-home Boo-Boo Report! Free Boo-Boo Report Sheet for Daycares and Teachers How to Make a First Aid Kit…

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How to Avoid Conflict with Daycare Parents

Business relationships have to include clear communication and mutual respect.  But eventually, some issues are going to come up.  There will also be day to day things you’ll want to mention.  Here’s some ways I’ve learned that help to avoid conflict with daycare parents. Put It In Writing Create a…

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