Preschool Learning – Are Letters Really Important?

Has anyone ever questioned your preschool program because their child didn’t know the letters? You probably know that early academic abilities do make a difference.  But should letter recognition be the main focus of your preschool? Keep reading to find out what current research says about teaching the alphabet to preschoolers. The Amazing Truth About…

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Why Your Kids Need to Nap – And How to Get Them To Do It

Naps are a fundamental part of most child care programs.  A nap is actually necessary for most children for a number of reasons!  But, we all know a child that constantly fights to stay awake all day long.  Read on for my tried-and-true tips for a successful nap time. This…

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How to Avoid Conflict with Daycare Parents

Business relationships have to include clear communication and mutual respect.  But eventually, some issues are going to come up.  There will also be day to day things you’ll want to mention.  Here’s some ways I’ve learned that help to avoid conflict with daycare parents. Put It In Writing Create a…

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