How to Prep Your Troll Number Game

1. Print and cut out the pieces.

trolls number game

2. Laminate the pieces and game board.

trolls number game

3. Cut out the pieces.  Save some of the clear plastic for making the troll stand pieces.

trolls number game
Yes, my laminator got stuck! I made a new spinner for my kids to use.

4. Cut a small slit between the trolls’ feet – just to the top of the toes!

trolls number game
I cut this one too far! Don’t go higher than the tops of his toes.

5. Cut a small strip from the leftover laminating sheet. Then cut another small slit into the center of these pieces.

trolls number game
My strips were .5″ x 1.5″.

6. Align the slits perpendicularly and watch your troll stand on his own!

trolls number game
Ta-da! You can trim some of the edges if the plastic strip sticks out too far.


You did it! Now go play your Troll Run Number Game!


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