Learning through play is both fun and effective!  Get your kids involved with numbers with this FREE number activity!  If your kids love Trolls as much as mine, they will love this!      

Trolls Number Activity for Preschool

Free Number Activity Your Preschoolers Will Love!

Teach Through Play

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Students will be:

  • Interacting with 3D numbers
  • Problem solving
  • Learning while having fun!

Easy to Set Up

Just A Few Materials

Magnetic Whiteboard (or large cookie sheet, I use this whiteboard)

Number Magnets (I have these)

Craft Magnets

Troll Number Center

How to Prep

  1. Cut apart the cards
  2. Laminate & cut apart again
  3. Attach craft magnets to make the number cards magnetic

How to Play

Provide students with the troll number cards in order.  Mix up the number magnets.   Ask the students to match the number magnets to the troll pictures.

You can also ask students to line up the troll number cards to practice number order.


More Free Trolls


If you still don’t have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, it’s time to get one!  Seriously.  There’s so much great stuff on this site, both paid and free.  Here’s a FREE Troll Color By Number Worksheet you can only get in my shop!

Featured Resource


Here’s what’s included:
♥ 9 Number Clip Cards
♥ 5 Worksheets
♥ 1 Trolls Color by Number Page
♥ 9 Number Puzzle Cards
♥ EXCLUSIVE Trolls Number Board Game!

Clip Cards
♥ Numbers 1-9
♥ Count the trolls and place a clothespin over the coordinating number

♥ 1 Count and Write the Number
♥ 1 Count and Complete the Ten Frame
♥ 1 Count and Circle the Larger Group
♥ 1 Cut and Paste in Numerical Order
♥ 1 Number BINGO

Puzzle Cards
♥ Numbers 1-9
♥ Montessori Inspired and Self-Correcting

Trolls Number Board Game
♥ Includes characters, board, and spinner
♥ Students will spin, name the number, and move their character the coordinating number of spaces
♥ Awesome number recognition practice
♥ Don’t spin the monster – he’ll send you back to the Troll Tree!

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